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Crack/Crush Configuration:

MT ® Series Multi-Tool with Cracker/Crusher Jaw SetMT ® Series Multi-Tool with Cracker/Crusher Jaw Set

MT ® Series Multi-Tool with the Cracker/Crusher Jaw Set is optimal for demolition and effortlessly processes concrete and cast materials. The 90° jaw opening accommodates more material and enables the tool to demolish objects that are much larger than the actual jaw opening of the tool, such as concrete piers, foundations and the corners of buildings. In order to maximize performance in both cracking and crushing functions, the Cracker/Crusher Jaw Set features four types of interchangeable bolt-on teeth options designed for speedy transitions between applications.

Replaceable Tooth Segments

The Cracker/Crusher Jaw Set also features disposable wear components. Interchangeable bolt-on Tooth Segments can be changed in under 5 minutes and allow the operator to control and regulate material size with several tooth configurations.

Cracker Teeth

Crusher Teeth

Finish Teeth

Cracker Teeth
effectively penetrate heavily reinforced concrete and dense rock, and safely process cast materials.

Crusher Teeth
efficiently de-rod and pulverize concrete in one bite, allowing contractors to demolish and process materials simultaneously.

Finish Teeth
effortlessly send a clean, flat and controlled crack through curbs and walls, reducing costly and time-consuming precision work like facing and edging.

Rail Breaker Teeth

easily handle, position and process heavy rail and, as an added benefit, cleanly remove any concrete or asphalt that may be bonded to the rail.


Speed Circuit technology

Rail Breaker Teeth



MT ® Series Multi-Tool with Cracker/Crusher Jaw Set


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