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MT Series Mag Extension

The Allied-Gator MT® Series Mag Extension™ adds a new dimension to the tasking capabilities of any excavator by enabling it to perform all the functions of a dedicated material handler equipped with a magnet. In addition, this product allows the magnet to achieve a unique range of motion that is not found in any other machine arrangement capable of accepting a magnet. To maximize its versatility, the MT Series Mag Extension utilizes patented UCS™ Technology also found in the MT Series Multi-Tool line and many other Allied-Gator products. Together, the MT Series Multi-Tool and Mag Extension provide a single machine the distinctive ability to perform demolition, processing, material handling and site clean up, eliminating the need for several machines bound to single-duty functions.UCS Universal Coupling System Technology

Allied-Gator’s exclusive UCS Technology maximizes the interfacing capabilities of both tool and machine. This system standardizes tool and machine compatibility to simplify tool exchange and afford multi-configuration users the advantage of unlimited tool and machine arrangement options. UCS Technology is a standard feature on every MT Series Mag Extension.


MT® Series Mag Extension™


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