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Nov 14, 1:03 PM

Is the MT® brand new? How long has the MT been on the market?

The Allied-Gator MT has been on the market since 2001. It has been available both domestically (in the U.S.) as well as internationally.

Nov 14, 1:08 PM

Where is the MT manufactured?

The MT is manufactured completely in the United States of America utilizing American goods.

Nov 16, 4:07 PM

I've heard Allied-Gator is a customer-direct manufacturer. What kind of service and support can I expect?

Allied-Gator is a family-owned and operated company with an outstanding reputation for technical service and support in the industry, and over 35 years of hands-on expertise and field experience to draw on. As one of our customers, you can expect the highest level of service and support.

On every level, Allied-Gator is more committed than ever, providing superior-quality products to our customers and the unparalleled service and technical support to match.

Allied-Gator has a world class state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, the innovative technologies and technical support to continue to advance the mobile shearing and hydraulic attachment industry.

Nov 16, 4:12 PM

Does Allied-Gator provide startup services and other training for its products?

Yes. Allied-Gator provides operator and maintenance training to its customers and their employees, both at the customer's site and at our Youngstown, Ohio facility.

Allied-Gator offers:
• Customer support available by telephone 24/7/365.
• Representatives available for dispatch to our customers' operations for both tool startups and operational and maintenance training services.

Nov 21, 5:00 PM

Can I see an MT working live?

Allied-Gator invites you to Witness the Power… firsthand.

In many cases, Allied-Gator can arrange access to an MT operating near your location. Customers can also call to schedule a demonstration at our demonstration facility in Youngstown, Ohio.

Allied-Gator is the only attachment manufacturer that offers customers year-round access to a real-world on-site demonstration facility featuring the full line of MT attachment sizes available for operation on virtually any size machine in virtually any configurations for processing virtually any material. By appointment only.

Nov 25, 2:10 PM

Does Allied-Gator work with equipment dealers?

Allied-Gator is a customer-direct provider; however, Allied-Gator does work with dealers and distributers both domestically and internationally. Dealer inquiries are always welcome.

Nov 27, 1:42 PM

Does Allied-Gator's standard MT warranty cover extreme applications, like full-time steel cable and wire processing?

Yes. The industry's most powerful tool is backed by the best warranty in the business. Allied-Gator's 18-month, unlimited-hour tool warranty even includes use of the MT® in the following extreme applications:

For the MT Shear Jaw Set:
1.) Full-time steel wire and cable processing.
2.) Full-time rebar processing.
3.) Full-time mandrel coil processing.

For the MT Cracker/Crusher Jaw Set:
1.) Full-time cast breaking
2.) Full-time rail breaking

Nov 30, 10:32 AM

Why is the MT cycle speed so much faster than other tool designs?

The MT is faster. Here are just two of the reasons why:

1.) Allied-Gator's patented Speed-Circuit Technology™ can ONLY be found in the Allied-Gator MT. This proprietary feature enables the tool jaws to close twice as quickly as a traditional attachment.

2.) The fast cycle speeds of the MT are also related to the dual-moving jaw design, requiring less cylinder stroke for the jaws to move from open to fully closed.

The result is fast, smooth and silent operation with unnoticeable transitions from speed to power, and a cutting speed that is unaffected by material volume.

Nov 30, 12:40 PM

When looking at your website, I can see that the MT cuts and crushes extremely heavy material. Why do some manufacturers rate their tool tonnages higher than the MT when, in reality, the MT clearly cuts and crushes thicker, heavier material?

Should I base my purchasing decision for a tool on the manufacturer's published tonnage rating for that attachment?

Should I, as a customer, base my purchasing decision for a tool on its tonnage rating?

How reliable are attachment manufacturers' published tonnage ratings for their tools' cutting forces, and should I depend on these numbers to make a purchasing decision?

The best way to judge a tool's power is by what material a tool will actually cut in the real world.

There is no standard requirement on how to formulate cutting force calculations. This means that a manufacturer's tonnage ratings are NOT necessarily representative of their tool's actual cutting capacity.

Tonnage ratings for a tool are based on a formula that is reliant upon non-standardized measurements calculated individually by each manufacturer for their specific tool design. Unfortunately, there is no regulatory agency like the U.S. Department of Weights and Measures that monitors the accuracy of these measurements or the way in which they are used in a cutting force calculation.

Allied-Gator always publishes accurate, realistic tonnage ratings for its products, and the real proof of MT power can be witnessed in our videos, which display the real-world cutting and crushing capability of the most powerful attachment line in the industry.

Dec 5, 2:01 PM

Other manufacturers of attachments all use welded steel plate fabrications for their tool construction. Why is the MT different?

The MT utilizes proprietary-grade High-Alloy Steel CAST™ components throughout its tool design to maximize tool durability; this proprietary material is more solid, dense and uniform, eliminating the possibility of material separation due to internal stress risers and/or weldment failures commonly found in tools designed from steel plate.

Additionally, High-Alloy Steel CAST material is impervious to directional forces, which prevents the deflection/flexing that steel plate fabricated designs experience. The CAST material is unaffected by welding incurred during maintenance procedures. This gives the MT the ability to continuously perform in heavy-duty and extreme applications where steel plate fabrication designs cannot survive.

Dec 9, 4:33 PM

How does the design of the MT protect the cylinder?

ONLY The MT cylinder remains completely enclosed within the tool's main body at all times, eliminating all exposure of the tool's cylinder components to damage caused by material contact.

This cylinder protection is a direct result of Allied-Gator's patented Power-Link and Guide™ System, the only design that completely removes the tool's single, short-stroke cylinder from harm's way. With the MT Power-Link & Guide design, heavy-duty levers take any punishment from the contact with work product, instead of the cylinder itself.

Other manufacturers try to protect the cylinder(s) by shrouding, guarding, or reverse-mounting the cylinder, which cannot protect vital cylinder components from inevitable wear and tear/damage, because their cylinder(s) follow their jaw(s) into the work.

Dec 9, 4:45 PM

Do the Power-Link and Guide™ System components ever experience damage or failure?

No unit in the history of the MT attachment line has ever experienced a failure or damage to its Power-Link and Guide™ System.

Dec 17, 2:12 PM

How does the blade life on the MT compare to the blade life on other shear designs?

The MT cuts scrap more effectively than any other shear, so its blades naturally last longer. Allied-Gator's MT Power Gain enables the tool to power through the cut, rather than chew on scrap, which maximizes blade life and dramatically reduces overall tool maintenance.

Standard blade life on the MT is 60-80 hours per blade edge, and even longer in general cutting applications, with 4- and 8-way indexable cutting blades used throughout the jaw. Keep in mind that the MT makes twice as many cuts in those hours as other shears.

Dec 26, 9:30 AM

What do operators think about the MT and the way it functions?

Operators who have converted to the MT prefer it over all other attachment designs. Operators are impressed with the quick, accurate and predictable control of the MT. The MT's controllability far surpasses the operation of other tool designs. The functionality and speed of the MT enables an operator to be more accurate and more productive than ever.

Dec 26, 10:23 AM

What is the benefit of the MT's dual-moving jaw design?

The MT's dual-moving jaw design uniquely features Fixed Centerline Closure. The tool opens and closes with both jaws of the tool moving at the same rate and, most importantly, closing on a fixed point, or centerline, every time. Operators continually comment on how the MT increases their productivity with its one-of-a kind dexterity and functionality.

Jan 3, 2:27 PM

Can the MT be purchased with one Jaw Set? For example, can I buy the MT to use just as a shear?

Yes. Even though the Allied-Gator MT Jaw Sets are interchangeable, customers can purchase the tool with any single Jaw Set and use it in a dedicated or single-purpose tool application.

Jan 3, 3:00 PM

If I buy an MT as a Shear, can I buy the Cracker/Crusher Jaw Set at a later time?

Yes. Additional MT Jaw Sets can be purchased at any time with complete compatibility to the MT main body.

Jan 3, 4:14 PM

How many tons of processed material per hour will an MT produce?

Many factors come into play when trying to accurately estimate a tool's production output. Allied-Gator does not profess blanket tonnage numbers for each MT size due to the fact that variables such as operator skill level, machine accessibility to the material and variations in material shapes, densities and volumes will directly affect output. If these variables are known; however, tool productivity can be accurately estimated to an output "tonnage per hour." Here is an equation Allied-Gator has provided for MT users which has proven to be a realistic and accurate approach for estimating tonnage outputs:

[Total cycle speed of MT® model (open + closed time in seconds) + Avg. time to reposition tool for next cut/crush (in seconds)]

x Weight (in lbs.) of one cut or crushed bite of processed material

= Weight (tonnage) per X number of seconds (can be used to extrapolate weight per hour, day, etc…)

Example: MTR 70 C-RB Output Estimation for 120# Railroad Rail:

The total cycle speed of an MTR 70 is 7 seconds, and, assuming the operator is proficient, it usually takes an operator approximately 4 seconds to reposition the tool in between each cut. One processed section of 120#-rated railroad rail weighs 120 lbs. Based on the weight of one processed bite (in this case, one section of rail) per 11 seconds of operation, at 120 lbs., you can find hourly and daily tonnages according to the weight of each bite of processed material:

[7 sec. cycle] + [4 sec. reposition] = 11 sec.
11 sec. X 120 lbs. = 120 lbs per 11 sec.
120 lbs. /11 sec. = 10.91 lbs. per second
10.91 lbs. X 60 sec. = 654.6 lbs. per minute
654.6 lbs. X 60 min. = 39,276 lbs. per hour (19.64 tons per hour)
19.64 tons X 8 hrs. = 157.12 tons per day
157.12 tons X 5 days = 785.60 tons per week
785.60 tons X 4 weeks = 3,142.40 tons per month


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